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Collaboration in eTwinning

Welcome to the Chapter “Collaboration in eTwinning”!

This chapter will allow you to explore what is collaboration and how you can start collaborating in eTwinning.

In this chapter we will have two chapters covering three modules each. The first section will focus on management of eTwinning projects and the second on management of the Twinspace:

  1. Preparing an eTwinning project
  2. Creating a eTwinning project
  3. Project management

Management of the Twinspace

  1. Participants and settings
  2. Content
  3. Interaction and communication

Before starting a project there are several aspects to be taken into account, it is important to take some time to explore why you need to prepare yourself to collaborate.

Don’t forget to take the Quiz in the end.

Remember that you will have only one chance to take the quiz. In order to have this section of the STM counted towards global progression, you must answer a minimum of 8 questions correctly.