Self teaching materials

Welcome to the eTwinning Self Teaching Materials Mini-Website

The self-teaching materials are at the disposal of the registered teachers and are connected to the progression system. Self-teaching materials were created to support the progression and motivate teachers to go deeper in all areas.

The materials are grouped in thematic modules. These modules correspond to a certain area in the progression bar in your profile.

Areas of Progression  Modules
Basics  Getting ready to become an active (3 Modules)
Communication  Communicating in eTwinning (2 Modules)
Collaboration  Collaboration in eTwinning (6 Modules)
Networking  Professional development and networking (2 Modules)
Quality  How to achieve quality (4 Modules)

To accomplish this, you just need to explore the materials of each module and take the quizzes in the end of each module. Your progression will be automatically recorded in your profile. Enjoy learning more about eTwinning!