Self teaching materials

Global Progression: What is it?

The Progression Bar, seen as global progression in eTwinning Live, is a tool that shows how far eTwinners have gone in their eTwinning journey. It is not meant to give any judgement on how good eTwinners are, but rather show how much they have done in eTwinning. One can see the Progression Bar as a snapshot of his/her own current portfolio of activities within eTwinning.

The concept behind it is very simple: the system records easy measurable actions carried out in eTwinning (registration, participation in projects etc.).

In addition, the Progression Bar also takes into account the successful usage of Self-Teaching Materials (see later).


Actions that users can carry out in eTwinning follow under five areas:

  • Basic
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Networking
  • Quality

The idea is to give eTwinners

  • Recognition for their achievements on eTwinning
  • Motivation to go beyond the basics of eTwinning

Where can we find the Progression Bar?

We can find the Progression Bar under each profile. By clicking on the teacher’s name you access their global progression. By clicking in “about” in any teacher’s profile we can see their detailed Progression Bars.

How it does it work?

Users need be active in eTwinning (by using the platform, and its various features) to gain progression reflected in the Progression Bar. The Progression Bar is fed by user actions and those actions correspond to a certain number of points.

Progression can be fostered by 2 types of actions in each area:

  • Self Teaching Materials (STM) – which correspond to 30 % of the total points of each area
  • Platform usage – which correspond to 70 % of the total points of each area

The total is reflected in percentages in the global progression.

Let’s take the Basic area as an example:

What are the Self Teaching Materials (STM)?
The Self-Teaching Materials are at the disposal of the registered teachers and are connected to the Progression system. Self-Teaching Materials support the Progression and motivate teachers to go deeper in all areas.

The Self-Teaching Materials (STM) are in continuous development. They are grouped in thematic modules in such a way that some can also be used as a face-to-face training resources during national training sessions organised by the NSS or at PDWs. They could also be offered by the NSS through webinar training on eTwinning Live.

The benefit of leading the teachers to the STM through connecting it to the progression system is that it will guide teachers to gain a common understanding of eTwinning, it will help to improve the quality of projects, and teachers will gain more awareness of their status and achievements.

Where can teacher find info about this?

Teachers can find information about this under the support tab and in the Self Teaching Materials. There will also be a ‘help’ text in the progression page (where you have 5 bars).